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Many of us at some point in our lives will suffer symptoms of overwhelm. It might be a single life event that knocks us off centre, or the wearing effect of ongoing stress that depletes our capacity to cope, even with small things.

These symptoms might show up as a chronic pain pattern or a cluster of symptoms that doctors find difficult to diagnose. Or we can find ourselves looping in cycles of difficult thoughts and emotions; anxiety, anger or a feeling of numbness and disconnect. We might feel like we’re not really in our own lives.


These are all signs that the natural regulation of our nervous system is out of balance.


Using the skills of Somatic Experiencing® (Advanced Student), mindfulness, myofascial bodywork and therapeutic massage, I offer the support you need to gently bring your nervous system back into stable and healthy balance; to a place where the body can feel safe again, restoring a sense of presence, ease and vitality.

During the sessions we will notice and track sensations in the body. We will also do exercises that help bring the nervous system back into healthy regulation. Where appropriate, I might offer touch work to help ease restrictions in the body, supporting the overall movement of your system from ‘fixity to flow’. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs and desired outcomes.


Andrea is fully insured and is registered with SEAUk, CthA and BAMBA.

What others say


I first experienced the joy of having Andrea in my life through her bodywork / mindfulness practice but after the premature delivery of my twin girls, death of Amelia and Annabelle’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy, I knew I needed something different to help me deal with the trauma I had experienced.

Slowly but surely and with Andrea’s wisdom, compassion and support I have rediscovered my sense of self and ability to experience joy and connect with my daughter. Through the SE sessions I am reclaiming my life and healing both myself and my family. Andrea is a truly beautiful person and I cannot thank her enough for what she had done for me and my family. If you feel you have unresolved trauma I would highly recommend getting in touch with her. ”

Claire S
Andrea’s mindfulness classes at my workplace provided a reassuring space in which to reflect on my feelings and thoughts. Andrea teaches new skills with a supportive and compassionate manner. I recommend her classes and am planning to attend future sessions.”

Heather F
Using her techniques of feeding the body through meditation, Myofascial Release and intuitive relaxing massages that always hit the spot, Andrea has helped me find an inner sense of well-being, resulting in raised concentration levels and the ability to cope with daily life. One where I can feel relaxed and fulfilled every day and look forward to the future with confidence and clarity, instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about what lies ahead. Thank you Andrea.”

My sessions with Andrea have really helped me after going through some tough times recently.  I ‘ve learnt how to let go of my anger and resentment in difficult relationships. They’ve help me to relax, and I feel much calmer and lighter.”

Claire O
I always love a treatment from Andrea. I feel really taken in as a person and held in a safe, loving, professional space. I can relax more than with any other massage therapist I’ve known. I feel she works intuitively at a profoundly deep level with a broad yet mastered range of skills.”


 “My first meditation experience was in a firm sponsored Mindfulness meditation course led by Andrea. Before this I never meditated or tried meditating simply because I did not think anything but a physical activity could slow down my busy mind. Also, like many, I thought meditation was about “not thinking”. Mindfulness meditation course changed my mind completely.

I liked the concept of combined theory and practice and reiterating things we know but very often forget, like our thoughts being just thoughts, not facts. Andrea leads through meditation with a very calming and soothing voice and after each class I felt very refreshed as if a fog has lifted from my brain. I practiced at home as well using the guided meditations she shared and as a result of my practice I could focus better, feel more efficient, relaxed and less forgetful. Also it somehow helps you to put things in perspective and get the bigger picture reducing stress levels in the process.

Many thanks Andrea, I am a convert”

Doing SE with Andrea has been transformative. She exudes love, sensitivity and has a fantastic sense of humour. Our work together has empowered me to address and transform deeply traumatic experiences by providing a non-judgemental, trusting, safe and supportive environment. The entire experience with Andrea has been life changing and I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Andrew H
Senior Legal Counsel
I found Andrea’s meditation course to be immensely valuable in reducing my stress level and improving my focus. Andrea’s teaches in a very clear and straightforward way, focussing on the practicalities and not on the esoterica. For the as-yet unconvinced, she details the tangible benefits to be derived from meditation and mindfulness. I recommend her course highly.”

Yoga Teacher
Andrea welcomed me and settled me in such a way that I was immediately put at ease. Then during the sessions she guided my mental and emotional journeys, never imposing her ideas but suggesting avenues I might want to explore in a compassionate and kind manner. The lessons I learned from those sessions still inform and help my everyday life.”

Anne B
Occupational Health Advisor
I undertook Andreas six-week Mindfulness meditation course which I found really helpful and challenging. It made me realise that I have options not to absorb stress and tension from daily life. Stress and irritability feels inevitable but having a tool that gives you an option to ‘reboot’ is bliss.”


“Andrea has been working with me now for around 5 years.  Initially this was through her mind-body practice as a massage therapist, whereby she used a truly holistic approach to treating physical issues.  In my case that was around the neck and back area, superficially caused by physical actions but the underlying cause was various stressors in my life.  Having consistently addressed the root causes as well as with hands-on massage therapy, I am today in very good health.

Since Andrea has developed her skills as a life coach also throughout this time, today I am a client of hers primarily in that expanded context.  Andrea has supported me through my own career progression, making choices about where to focus my efforts or not, as well as through some very complex personal situations.  She brings into the sessions a wide variety of approaches to the topic being discussed.

Andrea offers an original and unique way that is as individual as the client.  I completely trust her, not only to be able to take her into my confidence about any problem I have, but also to be both honest, direct without dictating.   Most importantly, to support me to find solutions and/or ways to not just get through the challenge, but to benefit from the growth opportunity presented.

I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking to not only survive the trials and challenges of life but also to experience the joy of the journey!”

Abigail c
Andrea’s sessions have been an absolute godsend and I can honestly say I don’t recognise the stressed out, in pain individual who attended her first session earlier this year. I no longer suffer with constant low level pain in my joints and have a much more joyful life. The sessions not only address and soothe my immediate aches and pains but offer longer term techniques and solutions to managing stress and the impact on my body. I would strongly recommend (and indeed have) Andrea Christelis to anyone seeking to soothe and reduce the stresses and strains life can place on their body.”

When awareness is not enough

When awareness is not enough


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Andrea sees clients in clinic rooms in the City and in East London. Where appropriate, she meets with clients in quiet and mutually convenient public places. She also offers sessions via skype.



City Clinic – £90 for 55mins

East London Clinic – £75 for 55mins

Concessions are available where needed



Please give 48hrs notice otherwise the full fee will be charged


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